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hot pockeeeeeet

hot pockeeeeeet




Autistic Self Advocacy Network, a non-profit organization run by Autistic people to advocate for autistic people, created a set of badges meant for autistic people to wear to public events like concerts and conventions Bronycon recently announced it will be handing them out to any con attendee that wants them. If this were any other convention there would only be praise, but since bronies are involved there apparently must be ulterior motives.image

The justification for this statement is that other cons are not using the badges . They have only existed for 5 months. This isn’t the first time Jesu Otaku has done something like this back when McDonalds stopped calling their toys “girls toys” or “boy’s toys” and the My Little Pony toys were the “girl’s toys” at the time she said it must be about bronies throwing hissy fits. You’d think with dozens of anti-brony blogs we’d have heard about such a hissy fit. This is what triggered the policy change.

She’s far from the only one with this attitude. It’s hard to count how often I’ve seen someone criticize safe search wrap up or any brony charity as a publicity stunt. Can bronies ever do anything good?

On the one hand, yeah, the continued skepticism bothers me. On the other hand, the fact that such skepticism exists is somewhat indicative of how dumb the lunatic fringe has tended to be, no?

I’m not going to lie there is a horrifying lunatic fringe to this fandom. I’m sick and tired of broneis being singled out for it. Every fandom has a luantic fringe, but only broneis have dozens of blogs dedicated to slandering them, let alone homophobic freaks that smash in their windows at gunpoint, throw rocks at them, bully their kids, or fire them or mentioning the series three times in year.

The default justification for this how bronies flood Google with porn and gore, something supposedly quantifiably worse with bronies, but it isn’t. How many people have to debunk it? Google Fluttershy with safe search on. You will find literally zero porn of her on her first page. Princess Peach has worse results. You’ll find at most 4-6 bad images searching a pony names this way. You’ll find the same amount searching for Sonic or Pikachu.

Pikachu’s results are particularity revealing. It’s known the Pokemon franchise has more porn in terms of raw amount, let alone rate, than MLP and yet there aren’t dozens of blogs calling out out pokemon fans on this site.

I promise you bronies wouldn’t get half the crap they have if the show were masculine. Hetrosexism, internalized, (as with JO and most anti-bronies) or not so internalized is to blame.


The statements above are spot-on.  No one wants to admit it, but it’s plain as day that the real issue people have with bronies lies in their own discomfort due to the outdated gender norms imposed on us by our society since birth.  This “Hope Chapman” person is simply unable to accept the idea of males embracing anything even remotely “feminine” without automatically associating it with sexual perversion. 

With this manner of thinking, what exactly are they trying to imply about femininity itself?  In reality, they’re only reinforcing the idea that it’s somehow “weak” or “wrong”.  There is also an obvious double standard regarding fandom activity, as I have never once seen women be alienated for the sexualization of shows targeted at a younger demographic.  At most, they endure such “hardships” as being called “fangirls”, and “lolrandumb”.  I have been part of fandoms that have since become notorious for slash ships - a potent example being Invader Zim.  I defy anyone to search for Invader Zim fan art and somehow not run across boatloads of “ZADR”.  Transformers, Xiaolin Showdown, Danny Phantom, Phineas and Ferb…there is a lot of mature content out there for these shows, and the majority of it is created by women

Of course, what people like Hope Chapman also don’t seem to realize is that a lot of the adult content in the MLP:FiM fan base is also produced by women.  But then, we’re talking a person who is basically ignoring the fact that other gender identities can be “harassed” - not just women (great job on the blatant sexism, Hope!  Here’s hoping whoever the hell it is that you write/review/do whatever for drops you like a hot piece of charcoal ), as well as the fact that not every person that wants to experience a convention is a social butterfly.  On top of that, some people were cosplays where their face can’t be seen, and having a badge to signify their willingness to interact with others is a much more convenient option than trying to yell through a costume head, or constantly have to remove it.

In the end, the only reason anyone above the target demographic watches MLP:FiM is because a bunch of guys from 4chan watched it for a laugh, were surprised to find out that it was actually pretty darn good, and decided to spread word of it to others, in spite of the mocking they were likely going to receive for doing so.  The fact that people like Hope Chapman continue to mock them just goes to show that even when there IS genuine progress in creating a greater understanding and acceptance of others in our society, it’ll always be one step forward, and two steps back.

People will always be hesitant to accept advancement in social equality, because if there were no more “oppression”, they’d have nothing to complain about, and no ammunition to use against others in order to bolster their own sense of self-importance. 

There will never be unity or true equality.  If there were, no one would be able to act like superior, self-righteous assholes anymore.


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Drink’em - Benefits of Tea


Drink’em - Benefits of Tea



This series is BRILLANT.  And all made by the same woman.

I’m going to place my response (and dissection) of this circus of ignorance under a cut, for the benefit of not accidentally crashing the apps of those browsing tumblr from mobile devices (plus, I can only explain things so many times before I basically have to straight up cobble together bits from previous posts).

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What am I going to have to do in order to get The Smooze in season5? Come on. the smooze. SMOOOOOOOZE.

My brother in law asked me to paint a DragonBall Z mural on his basement wall

and I’m sitting here thinking about how I draw and uhh..

Wow, is he going to be disappointed….